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Be Sure Your Adobe Flash Player is Up to Date

Hi, just a public service announcement to remind you that if you use Adobe Flash Player, it is important that you keep up-to-date. Fortunately, the Ubuntu repositories already have the latest security update for 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, and the still-in-development

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Improvements to the Gnome 3 PPA (5 May Edition)

Before today Gnome 3 PPA users on Ubuntu were unable to log in to Unity or Ubuntu Classic unless they kept gnome-session at version 2.32. I got this bug fixed. Basically, gnome-session changed the login configuration format. While both the

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How to Use the Gnome 3 PPA in Ubuntu 11.04

Updated: 5 May 2011 How do you use Gnome Shell on Ubuntu 11.04? The simple answer is you don’t. Yes, there is an experimental PPA but it will break your computer. Why will it break my computer? The Ubuntu Desktop

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Fuzzy Picture of Ubuntu Software Center Reviews

Ratings (stars) and reviews might be in Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat released in October depending on how things go. Here’s a picture of a demonstration of current code.

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Does the Gulf Daily News Plagiarize?

On Tuesday, I read a sad story about a rather unpleasant work environment among the Navy’s working dog unit in Bahrain in 2005-2006. This eventually led to the expulsion of a Sailor under the US military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

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Top 7 Things to Improve the Network at Work

After my first blog post, I thought maybe I should offer “constructive solutions” instead of just being critical, so here’s 7 suggestions to improve the work network: 1. Create a standard desktop image with Internet Explorer 8. Deploy to computers

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The “Modern” Work Computer

I believe the IT setup at work is stupid. My work computer runs Windows XP with Microsoft Office 2003.  That setup’s not necessarily a bad idea but it gets worse. (I just hope that when they do upgrade, they’re smart

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