Congratulations Ubuntu and Fedora

Congratulations to Ubuntu and Fedora on their latest releases.

This Fedora 28 release is special because it is believed to be the first release in their long history to release exactly when it was originally scheduled.

The Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release is the biggest release for the Ubuntu Desktop in 5 years as it returns to a lightly customized GNOME desktop. For reference, the biggest changes from vanilla GNOME are the custom Ambiance theme and the inclusion of the popular AppIndicator and Dock extensions (the Dock extension being a simplified version of the famous Dash to Dock). Maybe someday I could do a post about the smaller changes.

I think one of the more interesting occurrences for fans of Linux desktops is that these releases of two of the biggest LInux distributions occurred within days of each other. I expect this alignment to continue (although maybe not quite as dramatically as this time) since the Fedora and Ubuntu beta releases will happen at similar times and I expect Fedora won’t slip far from its intended release dates again.

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Jeremy Bicha

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