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Debian and GNOME have both recently adopted self-hosted GitLab for their git hosting. GNOME’s service is named simply https://gitlab.gnome.org/ ; Debian’s has the more intriguing name https://salsa.debian.org/ . If you ask the Salsa sysadmins, they’ll explain that they were in a Mexican restaurant when they needed to decide on a name!

There’s a useful under-documented feature I found. If you place a logo.png in the root of your repository, it will be automatically used as the default “avatar” for your project (in other words, the logo that shows up on the web page next to your project).

I added a logo.png to GNOME Tweaks at GNOME and it automatically showed up in Salsa when I imported the new version.

Other Notes

I first tried with a symlink to my app icon, but it didn’t work. I had to actually copy the icon.

The logo.png convention doesn’t seem to be supported at GitHub currently.

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7 comments on “logo.png for default avatar for GitLab repos
  1. rjc says:

    href attribute is OK, but what’s between would not have worked ;^)

  2. KiloByte says:

    Or, if you prefer to not put anything in the repository itself (to avoid dpkg-source wanting a patch, etc), you can use the GitLab interface:
    ⛭/General/General project settings/Project avatar

    • Jeremy Bicha says:

      Thanks. My post was more targeted at upstreams who could easily add a logo.png if they want to easily update the branding downstream without downstream needing to manually edit the Project Avatar setting.

  3. rjc says:

    My comment seems to have gotten lost so re-posting it – https;//gitlab.gnome.org/ between tags is not a valid URI, even though the “href” points to a correct one :^)

    • Jeremy Bicha says:

      Thanks. Typo fixed now. Your first comment was unclear. 🙂

      • rjc says:

        Aah, it’s because some of information got lost – it should have read “href attribute is OK, but what’s between </_a>_ would not have worked ;^)” – the A-tag got interpreted and without it, the comment does indeed look a bit cryptic.

      • rjc says:

        Still not right – I can’t seem to be able to convey information clearly. There’s no way of knowing what will the comments system interpret and what display verbatim – giving up! :^)

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